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Robert Eacott - Father

Robert Eacott was Mat's father. He was clever at Maths and ultimately gained his IMEMME honours in electrical engineering. He passed away February 2019 and was born on the 5th July 1960


Colin Spalding - Grandfather

Colin was born into a family in Mansfield in November 1938, the middle child of seven children and to a mother ‘Hannah’ whom he adored. Family life was very poor financially to the extent that even soap was a luxury that they could not afford. This brings us to a little story of when as a very young boy, Colin had gone to school one particular day and had got called out to the front of the class by his teacher, he was very concerned because Colin looked as white as a ghost. The teacher asked him if he was okay and had he had breakfast to which Colin replied ‘yes sir I’ve had cornflakes. Colin had never seen a cornflake never mind eaten one! The teacher told him to go and get a drink of water which he did. He also rinsed his face and while looking in the mirror and realising even at that age what had happened. He had wanted to look clean at school so had washed his face with ACDO washing powder which had caused the pale look, he washed it off and went back to class to which the teacher replied, ‘That’s better lad’


Nigel Spalding - Uncle

Nigel Spalding was born on 17th February 1967 to  Joyce &. Colin.  He was outnumbered  with having 3 sisters. He was just a typical boy growing up who found & kept his two passions - football & music/performance\karaoke.


He was a commentator for radio Mansfield & Clipstone football club as well as other various roles within the club. During his adult life he became a husband, dad, uncle, great uncle  & gt. gt uncle. Nigel could always be relied upon if people needed help except in D.I,Y which he hated.He had a very caring nature as his wife Teresa will always say as he in time became her carer, but both saying their wedding day was one of the best days of their lives, and both eventually became spiritualists. Nigel was an asset to the family & will always be sadly missed , but around in spirit, so will never be forgotten...


This is my small loving tribute. to my uncle Nigel…Born 17/02/1967 - 06/11/2018 - Regards - Mat

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